Students who are interested in being involved in Summer Sports day for T-Ball to attend a meeting in the school hall straight after lunch eating .
I need four teams of around 11 people:     – Y7 girl   – Y8 girls   – Y7 boys   – Y8 boys

Mrs Pollock

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Inter-school badminton

If you are interested in trialling for the inter-school badminton team then come along to hall after lunch eating today (Monday) in your PE gear. Thank you Mrs McCook.

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Girls Basketball

Can these girls please come to OCC on Wednesday lunchtime for a retrial with Miss Yandle

Chelsea . Rm23

Meiki Rm 25

Aimee Rm22

Lyneka Rm4

Macy Rm3

Jordi RM2

Sophie . Rm 4

Madeleine Rm14

Aarnya Rm 20

Madison . Rm25

Eizra . Rm 14

Tayan Mills. Rm 23

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Umpire Training

On the 8th of April we will be providing another Umpire Training Course at Sport Taranaki in NP – at 5pm – 6pm  we will be running an introduction to Primary School umpiring If you think might be interested in umpiring Primary and Intermediate competitions in New Plymouth this season, please register at the Hockey Taranaki website.

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Temporary Fencing

Please be aware that the areas where there is temporary fencing, are off limits. Students are not permitted to go under the fencing to retrieve balls, etc. Stay off!!!

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Hey You No.2 Boat Race

Your challenge is to make a lifeboat that can go across the width of the school pool, carrying/rescuing a Golf Ball. It must make it to the other side intact and in quick time.  Design and build a successful vessel, ensure you have entered via GoogleDocs.  All info available from your teacher. Academic CV points!

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